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WVABLE Lunch & Learn Webinar

WVABLE Lunch & Learn Webinar

Learn about the critical benefits that hundreds of ABLE eligible West Virginians and their families are receiving by saving with WVABLE.

During the webinar, we will cover the topics included below:

  • Who is eligible and the new eligibility criteria beginning Jan. 1, 2026
  • Important updates and program enhancements for 2024
  • Benefits and Advantages of saving with WVABLE through a STABLE Account
  • Learn how to enroll and how the accounts work
  • How ABLE Accounts incentivize employment for PwD
  • Time for Q&A will be included.

Webinar presented by Roxanne Clay, WVABLE Director

For alternate formats, to include Closed Captioning and/or Sign Language Interpreter, please email wvable@wvsto.com or call 304-340-5050 at least one week prior to the scheduled webinar event. Thank you.

Invite WVABLE to Your Event or Schedule a Presentation:

If you are with an agency, group, or organization and would like to invite WVABLE to your event, speaking engagement, conference or staff training please email us at wvable@wvsto.com to schedule your in-person or webinar event.

On-Demand Workshops:

Entity Authorized Legal Representative (ALR) Establishment Training - webinar November 1, 2023

5 Things to Know about WVABLE – by Parents, Partners and Self Advocates. (4 minutes)

Five things to know about saving with WVABLE – Fifth Anniversary special event webinar February 9, 2023

WVABLE Savings Program Overview


WVABLE Workshop #1: Enrollment Walkthrough

This workshop starts off with a brief overview of the WVABLE savings program followed by a step by step walkthrough of enrolling in a WVABLE STABLE Account. This session primarily focuses on enrollment for an Authorized Legal Representative and also includes enrollment instructions for the individual beneficiary, and the option of opening multiple accounts by an organization. We share tips on how to make the enrollment process as smooth as possible and Q&Q is included at the end.

Presenters: Roxanne Clay, WVABLE Director & Thomas Hatch, STABLE Accounts Operations Manager

WVABLE Workshop #2: How to Use your STABLE Account

This workshop starts off with a brief overview of the WVABLE savings program followed by a walkthrough of the online dashboard – attendees learn how to make contributions and withdrawals, how to add a bank account for making electronic transfers, and additional features and tips are shared that help to make using your online account easy.  Q&A is included at the end.  

Presenters:  Roxanne Clay, WVABLE Director & Thomas Hatch, STABLE Accounts Operations Manager

WVABLE Workshop #4: EmployABLE: Employment & Savings Opportunities for Individuals with a Disability

In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), our team of experts shared insights on the importance of employment for people with disabilities to include: how individuals with disabilities, including those receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), can benefit from employment, what services and programs are available to help persons with a disability prepare for and achieve employment, and how employed West Virginians with a disability can save and invest with WVABLE while protecting eligibility for critical public benefits.

Panelists include:
  • Roxanne Clay, WVABLE
  • Steve Wiseman, WV Developmental Disabilities Council (WVDDC)
  • Jennifer Tenney, WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED)
  • Rich Ward, WV Division of Rehabilitation Services (WVDRS)
  • Travis Kline, Job Squad, Inc.

NAST ABLE Savings Plan Network (ASPN) and ABLE Today webinars:

Have questions? Please contact us at WVABLE@wvsto.com or 304-340-5050.

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