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Roxanne: So WVABLE is based on the federal ABLE Act, which stands for Achieving a Better Life Experience. The program is designed specifically for individuals with a disability. So what it does is it created these savings account programs that allows individuals with disabilities to save without it jeopardizing eligibility for their public benefits.

Jeanie: My name is Jeannie and i live here in Elkins. I have a hearing disability. I wear a couple implant in my head, it helps me to hear. In the beginning, Brenda suggested a STABLE account for me. And i was like, hmm, I'd like to try it, but i had some concerns about would it affect my SSI.

Roxanne: WVABLE, it allows individuals to save. Before ABLE accounts were established, individuals could only save up to $2,000 before it risks their eligibility for these public benefits that are so critical to their health and well-being. So assets in a WVABLE account are disregarded when determining eligibility for those public benefit programs.


Jeannie: With this West Virginia BLE account I was able to buy my own car on my own. I used my car for doctor's appointments, I visited friends, relatives. It makes me be more independent. I can go and not be afraid of breaking down somewhere. I crocheted 76 baby hats for the NIC unit in Morgantown that i save money with this account to buy yarn and things that I need to make them. This account really helped me a lot. I'm proud that i can do this on my own.


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