West Virginia State Treasury - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Unclaimed Property?
Unclaimed Property is any asset that has remained unclaimed for a specific period of time, such as utility deposits, unredeemed stock, a check that was never cashed, or contents of a safe deposit box.

Do You Have Unclaimed Property?
Generally, if the property in question has not had any activity within a certain period of time, e.g., three years for most properties, and the holder is unable to locate the property owner, it is considered abandoned and must be reported to the Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer's Office. To prevent your accounts from becoming unclaimed or abandoned, keep accounts active and make sure that you make a deposit or withdrawal, update your address, or contact your financial institution at least every three years.

What Is The Unclaimed Property Online Auction?
Our office holds periodic online auctions of safe deposit box contents held in unclaimed property accounts. All proceeds from the auction are held in accounts under the name of the original property owner. Information about open auctions is posted on our website.

Can The Dollar Amount And Information Related To The Rightful Owner Be Disclosed?
Pursuant to W. Va. Code Ann. § 36-8-25, the State Treasurer’s Office must maintain the confidentiality of all unclaimed property records. As a result, all information regarding the rightful owner including dollar amount of the property will not be disclosed until the rightful owner has been verified by submitting a claim.

How Do You Claim Your Property?
Do a FREE search here. If you find your name, you can start your claim online (additional information may be requested for certain claims.) You can also call our office to request a claim form. Remember - Unclaimed property searches and claims are FREE through the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office.

To conduct a name search over the phone or for other unclaimed property assistance, call our toll free hotline at: 1.800.642.8687 or email Eclaims_Support@wvsto.com.

To search for unclaimed property in other states visit www.missingmoney.com.

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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