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State Treasurer John Perdue announced his office’s next Unclaimed Property newspaper insert will be distributed statewide on three successive April weeks.

Insert dates are April 5, April 12 and April 19. Each date falls on a Thursday.

The insert titled “Discover” consist of approximately 15,000 names of rightful unclaimed property owners. These are people who have become unintentionally separated from an asset and for which the State Treasury has a last known address.

The largest newspaper in each county of the state distributes the inserts. In addition, some are direct delivered to homes, in hopes a rightful owner will see the name or an acquaintance will pass the word along.

“Please be looking for our inserts,” Treasurer Perdue said. “We have reunited countless numbers of rightful owners with their lost assets through the years. It’s your money and we want you to have it.”

Examples of unclaimed property are a left-behind utility deposit, a forgotten paycheck or a stock account with a long dormancy period. Real estate is not unclaimed property.

Since taking office in 1997, Treasurer Perdue has returned more than $173 million to rightful owners.

Anyone with his or her name listed in an Unclaimed Property must file a claim to receive lost financial assets. Forms are available inside the insert. Individuals may also file a claim electronically at or calling 1-800-642-8687.

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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