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This Christmas, we hope to grant some wishes by reuniting you with your long lost money. We searched our unclaimed property database for names often associated with the Christmas holiday. A handful of those names are listed below, but if you, or anyone you know, has one of these last names, go to our website at to do a search of our full unclaimed property database.


Good tidings we bring, for you and your kin, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Aaron Christian—Kenova, WV

Ashlee Christian—Huntington, WV

Jeffrey Clause—Charleston, WV

Kimberly N Klaus—Philippi, WV

Richard Klause—Bramwell, WV

Dale Gift—Inwood, WV

Ruth V Gift—Piedmont, WV

Alexander Joseph—Bridgeport, WV

Alice E Joseph—Shinnston, WV

Alda J Mary—Shepherdstown, WV

Geraldine Noel—Charleston, WV

Lola J Noel—Walton, WV

Eunice D Shepherd—Bunker Hill, WV

Harold Shepherd—Chester, WV

Mark Caroll—Buckhannon, WV

Sandra F Caroll—Huntington, WV

Annie Berry—Weston, WV

Bernice V Berry—Charleston, WV

Bert Starr—Williamson, WV

Deborah Starr—Follansbee, WV

Joshua Angel—Hurricane, WV

Kyla R Angel—Beckley, WV

Amy Jane Bell—Princeton, WV

Anthony Bell—Winfield, WV

Ruth Israel—Clarksburg, WV

Tyler Israel—Weirton, WV

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