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State Fair to host live auctions in August

State Treasurer John Perdue’s Unclaimed Property Division kicked off a string of online unclaimed property auctions last week, while those who prefer to do their bidding live should make plans in August to attend the State Fair of West Virginia.

The present online auction kicked off July 2 and will run until July 17. Other auctions will run continuously until Sept 11.

All items auctioned are taken from safe deposit boxes left behind in banks over the years and put up for auction after the owner cannot be located. The online items presently up for bid include a collection of 24 Morgan and Peace dollars, which are highly sought after by coin collectors. The opening bid for the collection was $200. 

Other lots of interest include a hodgepodge collection of six knives, two GPS devices, Ronald Reagan coins, a two-way radio and a blood pressure cuff. It drew an initial bid of $10, but one of the knives is likely worth more than that.  Another lot features three Mexican “flying angel” coins that are almost pure silver.

Interested bidders may go to, find the rotating auction banner and click the link to the auctions. A bidder need only create a user name and login before bidding.

For the live auctions, the West Virginia State Fair runs from Aug 8 to Aug 17 in Fairlea.  More safe deposit items will be up for auction in live settings at the West Virginia Building. The items will be on display at the Treasurer’s Office booth to be viewed before the auctions begin.

The live auctions will take place promptly at 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 9; Saturday, Aug. 10; Thursday, Aug. 15; Friday, Aug. 16 and Saturday, Aug. 17.

The State Fair auctions have proven to be popular in recent years and should be again. Fairgoers typically take a break from the heat to see what’s available.

“We love bringing the excitement of an auction, either live or online, to the people of West Virginia,” Treasurer Perdue said. “All these items were left behind in state banks, so it’s only fitting that state residents log in and see what’s there.”

Items up for auction both online and at the state fair are abandoned properties that have been turned over to the state. The original owners of safe deposit box contents are entitled to any proceeds obtained at auction.

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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