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State Treasurer John Perdue will unveil his office’s Financial Education Center 10:15 a.m. Friday in room EB-56 of the State Capitol’s East Wing basement.

The Treasurer will be cutting a ribbon to open the center, which features a host of activities to teach children from kindergarten through fifth grade the rudiments of money. Children from Kanawha City Elementary School will be on hand to experience the activities.

“I think our young students will be both informed and entertained by our new center,” the Treasurer said. “I always say nothing opens the doors of opportunity like education. The same goes for financial education. Our kids need to know the basics there too.”

Among activities available:

  • Treasurer’s Vault—an interactive display featuring facts about the Treasurer’s Office and the Spend, Save, Share activity. In that activity, students take common items and sort them into the appropriate category as something they would spend money on immediately, save money for to buy later or share with someone else.
  • Picture yourself on a $100 bill -- For this activity, students will stand in front of the green screen, one at a time, to have their picture taken via webcam. Their photo will then be printed on a novelty $100 bill for them to take home.
  • Math Skill Activity—Brush up on your basic math skills with this mix and match floor puzzle.

At the conclusion of the tour, students will be given a Spend, Save, Share activity to take home which includes stickers/instructions to create their own banks.

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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