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Treasurer Perdue chats with the board of the Putnam-Gilmer-Lewis United Way after presenting a $78,000 unclaimed property check.
WESTON – State Treasurer John Perdue presented the United Way of Gilmer-Lewis-Upshur a $78,000 check Wednesday, the result of a lost donation that found its way to the state’s unclaimed property fund.


Perdue gave United Way Executive Director Rebecca Sias an unclaimed property check of $78,115, which exceeds the organization’s yearly fundraising goal. A good chunk of the money represents a donation that fell through the cracks years ago and under state law became unclaimed property.

Sias knew the money existed and had tried to procure it from an area bank. She was told the money would be reported as unclaimed because it had lay dormant past a specified amount of time.

“The bank said they couldn’t release it to us,” Sias said. “We knew where it was from. A man had left the United Way money. This bank had the most of it. I’ve watched the unclaimed property lists for years to catch that. This is very rewarding.”

The Treasurer said he loves to distribute large checks to organizations which do good deeds.

“This makes me glad inside,” Perdue said. “These fine people are getting more money back from this check than their yearly fundraising goal. That’s awesome.”

Sias said the money would assure that all 24 agencies her organization helps would be adequately funded in the coming year. ”This is such a relief,” she said. “It will help us so much.”

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