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State Treasurer Riley Moore issued the following statement on the historic jobs announcements made today by Gov. Jim Justice, including investments by Nucor Corp. and GreenPower Motor Company Inc.

“This is a great day for West Virginia, and I applaud Governor Justice for his steadfast commitment to putting this state on a ‘rocket ship ride’ beyond belief,” Treasurer Moore said. “I truly believe this is a historic turning point for West Virginia’s economy and the culmination of years of work to reform and improve our state’s business climate.

“As the pandemic and supply-chain crisis have unfortunately shown, we need to do everything we can to reinvigorate our domestic manufacturing sector and blue-collar economy to ensure our country is no longer dependent on hostile foreign powers like China for essential goods and services,” Treasurer Moore said. “These announcements prove West Virginia is primed for investment and can lead the way in resurrecting the American economy.

“Since Republicans took control of the Legislature and the Constitutional offices, we have focused on reforming our state’s business and legal climates to attract investments like these and right the economic course for our state,” Treasurer Moore said. “When I was a Delegate, I was proud to vote for reforms that helped lay the groundwork for projects like these, and as Treasurer my office is leading the way to build our workforce with new initiatives like the Jumpstart Savings Program.

“I want to thank Governor Justice and the Legislature for their tremendous efforts to secure these announcements and make West Virginia the best place to live, work and raise a family. More importantly: I believe this is just the beginning of a new wave of investment and growth in our state – our brightest days are ahead.”

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