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Awards for applications due July 8

Mission West Virginia, in combination with State Treasurer John Perdue’s office, is now taking applications for the fifth annual Smart Start awards, following a banner year from its fundraising event.

Enjoying craft time during the 2018 Smart Start awards are, from left, sisters Isabella and Grayson Wright.

The May 18 SMART5.29 K run/walk raised approximately $28,000 in sponsorships, race fees and donations. In the past four years, the event generated enough proceeds to award a total of $57,600 in SMART529 savings to 46 kids. 

Mission West Virginia selects families who have adopted children out of foster care to receive the race proceeds in the form of SMART529 accounts. SMART529 is West Virginia’s officially sanctioned college savings plan, administered by Treasurer Perdue’s office.

Treasurer Perdue presents award certificates to the Todd family, who agreed to serve as the SMART5.29 K run/walk ambassador family for the 2019 race.

Following the successful run/walk, Mission West Virginia is now preparing to choose the next SMART529 college savings winners. Those chosen will be honored in August during a luncheon at the Clay Center.

For families who might meet the criteria and are interested in applying, go to, then click on “Frameworks.” A drop down under that heading, “Scholarships and Awards,” is where the application resides.

Some of the official criteria:

  • Applications are due July 8.
  • A child must be a resident of West Virginia.
  • Child must be 12 or younger as of July 8.
  • A child must be adopted from the West Virginia foster care system with finalized adoption at time of application.

A button to download the application is immediately below the criteria on the Frameworks website.

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