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WVU claims second spot in Treasurer’s program

The Municipal Bond Commission in fiscal 2016 accounted for 25 percent of money processed through State Treasurer John Perdue’s e-Government program, making it the leading user of the system.

The Commission processed a total of $116 million. E-Government allows state agencies to conduct business with customers by drafting accounts or using debit/credit payments, then submitting the money to the state through the Treasury’s secure portals.

The Bond Commission typically sweeps the accounts of entities issuing bonds, such as public service districts, cities and school districts and holds them until time for disbursement. No paper is involved.

West Virginia University came in second at $106 million, or 22 percent of the total. Most of its participation occurs when students use debit or credit cards to pay tuition.

In all, the e-Government program processed $472.5 million, a six percent growth from the 2015 fiscal year. E-Government totals have increased each year since the program’s inception.

Among other participants in the e-Government program and the dollar amounts generated:

  • Workforce West Virginia -- $58 million. Workforce collects unemployment payments from businesses by sweeping accounts electronically. Those payments are then processed through the e-Government system.
  • Consolidated Public Retirement Board -- $56 million. The board drafts sources of funds for retirees and processes them through e-Government.
  • PEIA – $50 million. The Public Employees Insurance Agency collects multiple types of payments for multiple types of insurance premiums. Payments are then processed through the Treasurer’s e-Government system. All transactions are electronic.

By transaction count, the Secretary of State’s Office led the way with 117,503, from collections of payments for multiple business licenses. The Division of Natural Resources checked in at virtually the same amount, owing its total to hunters and fishermen buying licenses online.

DMV recorded nine percent of transactions. Residents can renew a vehicle registration, renew a plate and pay a license suspension, among other services through the DMV and e-Government.

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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